Today is the 17 of July, 2014 and it’s the final night of this amazing Global Glimpse trip to Bonao. My name is Jonah Kirumira, resident of Malden, MA, USA and this entire trip has been an immense learning experience for not only me but all of my peers that I met and interacted with on this trip. We have gone through so much, so many ups like going to the dollar a day community and experiencing the amount of love they had for each or even finishing the CAP project and seeing the look of pure happiness on Esteban’s face as he thanked us.

And of course there were downs such when Ryan and I were sick with chikungunya and had to stay in bed to rest for 2-3 days and unfortunately Ryan was slower to recover so he had to leave along with 5 others for different reasons so our start of 20 went down to 14. And to make matters worse, three more had to leave again right before the end due to a previous set of problems that arose later than they should have.

Overall, I am so glad to have been a part of this trip and having met all these people and taken part in all these experiences really has given me a new perspective of life. As we are all saying our goodbyes and enjoying our last night in Santo Domingo, we are remembering not to be sad because it’s over but to be happy because it happened. We are also keeping in mind that it may be the end of our journey here but it’s only the beginning of our journey to change the world and from what I have witnessed here, the world will change very soon, a change that will be for the better.

FLIGHT INFO: California Glimpsers are arriving July 18th on DL 486 JFK to SFO Depart 230P Arrive 610P with GGL Rosa Guzman!