There are no words that can truly describe this last day as a family. It was full of fun, excitement and surprising realizations all of which made the day get better and better.

IMG_6323After waking up at 7 and shortly afterwards having breakfast our day was off to delicious and nutritious start. A short bus ride and boat ride kicked off a tour of Las Isletas that sit on the Lake of Granada. The islands had an assortment of private housing to touristic islands such as the one that we visited. After a few hours of bathing in the sun and the knee deep pool (long story) we headed back to the city and scaled a church bell tower. After a brief visit to the bell tower we headed back to the hostel where we conducted group relaxation and bonding exercises. Much to our surprise and gratitude we were given free time of which we took full advantage of and visited the central park for perhaps the last time. After free time was dinner in which we pigged out on pizza and ate until our hearts’ content.

The final nightly meeting was followed by a half hour long session of crying and hugging, still going on as I write these very words. It is very difficult to write this, although I may not seem like the crying type, this family bond that we have really gets into everyone’s hearts.

Before closing this I would like thank everyone that helped any of us on this trip get to where they are now because with even one missing link the chain is broken. This might be the most cliché ending ever but Granada, Nicaragua is truly a home away from home.