Dear Global Glimpsers,
By now, I have either spoken to all of you or at least left messages on your voice mails. Like I said in our last conversation or during my last voice message, here are a few reminders for our trip to the Dominican Republic that leaves next week:
– BRING YOUR PASSPORT! Please make sure that your passport is valid and will not expire until 6 months from the departure date, basically that it will be good for all of 2014,
– Airline tickets will be provided by Rosa and me, so don’t worry about not having boarding passes for our flight yet.
– Please meet next MONDAY, JUNE 30th at 7:30 PM (7:50 PM at the ABSOLUTE LATEST)  at the domestic departures ticket counter of Delta Airlines at San Francisco International Airport. Though our flight is not scheduled to leave until 10:50 PM, we all need to be there a minimum of 3 hours before that. Also, considering we are a large group, I would be happiest if we were all there by 7:30 PM next Monday, June 30th at the Delta Airlines Domestic Ticket Counter at SFO.
– Please check the Global Glimpse website for a complete list for your packing needs. Please allow me to highlight the following items that you will most definitely miss if you don’t have them:
* Sturdy Water Bottle (We all need to stay as hydrated as possible while living in the heat and humidity.)
* A backpack that can hold your journals
* Rain gear like an umbrella and poncho
* Sun block
* Bug spray (Please make sure to buy the kind that contains DEET)
* Sturdy shoes (We will be doing A LOT of walking and hiking.)
* Wipes (Both something like Wet Ones and tissue paper, so as to maintain your cleanliness when other options are unavailable.

– Please also pack a change of clothes in your backpack or carry-on bag in case there is a delay with our luggage

– You many only bring one piece of luggage with personal items up to 50 lbs.. You may bring another piece of luggage filled with donations, but you will have to pay the airline for an extra bag charge.

– Please ensure that your parents and/or guardians know what is going on. With hope, by now they know that you’ll be leaving the country for 3 weeks starting next Monday. Additionally, please make sure that they know how to access the blog and understand that is a good way to get daily reports as to what we’ll be doing in the DR.
– Also, if ya do the Facebook thang, please sign up for our page and let your folks and/or guardians know about that too.
– My contact information:
Cell – 415-279-2645
Home – 415-829-2348 (Some of you have tried texting me at this number, but this is my land line.)
Parents’ Home – 831-385-4449

Right now, I am way out in the country visiting my mom and dad and there is no cell phone reception here. So, if you need to contact me before Friday, you can reach me at 831-385-4449. Otherwise, I’ll be back on cell and in San Francisco beginning Thursday night.
OK, Team, this is going to be an amazing trip! For those of you I have not yet met, I look forward to doing so next Monday. 

Thanks so much!

Steve Schmidt
Lowell High School
Global Glimpse – Bonao (June 30-July 18)