Today we all woke up at 7 in the morning. We all had breakfast at 8 and an energizer activity at 9. After that activity we went upstairs and had reflection time of what we did for the last 16 days. We first did a small poster called a journey map and shared with the group what the 5 most significant moments were of the trip, 1 person we met that inspired us, 1 thing we learned about ourselves, and 1 thing we learned about leadership. After that we did a small activity where we wrote our name on a piece of paper and passed it around every 30 second writing a comment on what we will remember the person for.

After that activity we did one last activity that showed what people in the group think of each other before having lunch at 12 in the afternoon. After that, many students went and grabbed snacks during free time while others stayed and played cards till 2 o clock when we met up with our English Tutoring students to take them to eat ice cream and hangout. All of us managed to get back before 4:45 dinner. After dinner we prepared for one final English tutoring class and arrived at 6 o clock. While there we had a small talent show at 7 that both students and teachers (us) did together till it was time to go at 7:45 but we ended up getting sidetracked saying the last goodbyes to our students. We arrived back at the hostel 10 minutes after 8 and had nightly meeting as usual. The day went pretty much smooth and I hope we have the same smooth flying when returning. See you all tomorrow.