For our last day in Matagalpa, we spent it reflecting on our journey, preparing for our departure, and spending time with our new family. To reflect on our time here, Silvan and Maryuleth gave us many questions to think about. Together we chose the moments and people that would stick with us most and made us change for the better. As a family, we said our final goodbyes to Silvan and Maryuleth, gifting them Boston shirts, Red Sox hats, and thank you cards to show our gratitude for all they have done for us. To prepare for our departure, we packed our bags, grabbed last minute gifts, and used the rest of our cordobas on snacks. Most of our time today was spent together, sharing food, singing together, and playing cards. Our last night is filled with the emotions of our goodbyes and cherishing the time we have.
Tonight, despite everyone not knowing yet, Terri and Jean-Claude will be treating us to pizza as our last dinner as a family. All of us will be excited to have pizza after two weeks of too much rice and beans. Once again, we will be sharing food and making more memories to take home with us.