Today marked the last day of our trip in Constanza, Dominican Republic. It was filled laughter, hugs, tears, and heartfelt goodbyes. We began our day with a Big Love seminar in which we made posters and gave shout outs.

We got time to then do our final souvenir shopping that including our final tasty churros sadly. As we returned to the hotel we began packing and stuffing everything back into our bags just as quickly as we took everything out the first day. We ended our night with the last dinner

To end the night, we had our final big group reflection in which we shared all the love we had for one another. We are sad to say goodbye to all the beautiful people we met in Constanza and all the friends we made, but it will truly be an unforgettable experience that will always stay in our hearts. Thanks to all the parents, friends, and families that supported us and gave us the opportunity to come here and open our hearts and minds. When you see us expect to see some big changes because I have faith that everyone here will make a difference in the world. So XOXXOX SEE YOU SOON!!!! <3

s/o To my mom and dad, love you guys and remember I leave tomorrow on Wednesday xoxo!!