Since our last day consisted of a “final reflection”, as El Lider Del Dia, I decided to share my own personal reflection with the group during our last nightly meeting.

“Today marks our last day here in San Juan de la Maguana. These two and a half weeks have gone by faster than a blink of an eye. I didn’t expect to have this much fun during our stay here. In fact, I expected this whole experience to be a lot different.


However, I misinterpreted this experience overall. I never knew that in two and a half weeks I could see myself and many others grow not only as people, but as leaders. I never knew that in two and a half weeks I could discover a new country, including its culture, customs, and traditions. I never knew that in two and a half weeks I could become so close to a group of people that I didn’t know at all before this trip. You would think that time is what gives people the opportunity to make unbreakable bonds, but throughout this experience, that appears to be proven otherwise.


Honestly, I have loved every second of this experience and I would not trade it for the world. I just really dislike the fact that it is now over. Although it is over, I know that this is and always will be one of the most memorable times of my life, thanks to all of you amazing people who have been on this journey with me.


“Big love” to you all for proving to be leaders through your use of leadership and integrity. Despite our differences, there are many things I love about every single one of you.

  • Alondra- Whose generosity and willingness to put others before herself is truly inspiring
  • Ana-To one of the sweetest people I know and one whose kindness brings happiness to everyone
  • Cassie-One who engages with everyone, especially with people of the community
  • Daniel-One of the funniest people whose sense of humor brings positivity and joy
  • Irvin-One whose hard work pays off, especially with his consistent determination
  • Joelle-One who has a bubbly personality that is very fun to be around
  • Kathy-The one who never ceases to surprise everyone
  • Kyle-One who is very courageous and never gives up
  • Lucky-One whose high spirit and energy motivates everyone
  • Mariah-One whose always caring and loving towards everyone
  • Santana-One who is committed to trying new things, despite how difficult it may be
  • Theresa-Also one of the most sweetest people, but also one of the most creative
  • Whitney-One of the most open and accepting people who is easy to rely on
  • Emily-One of the most passionate people who strives for the best
  • DJ-One whose enthusiasm is amazing as well as his confidence


Lets not forget about Karina and Sia though, the best Global Glimpse leaders ever! Thank you both for supporting all of us throughout this journey. Thank you also guiding us to becoming better leaders. We have learned so much from you both and we all appreciate what you have done for us.

Thank you everyone for all the laughs and fun times, as well as all the more serious moments we shared together as a group. I think as leaders we achieved more than we ever expected. But, this is not the end of our journey; we still have our whole future ahead of us to make a change that will impact the world. At the end of the day, we didn’t need a cell phone to tell us how to lead or how to be ourselves. We did it on our own by learning that with a little courage, commitment, and compassion, we can do anything we set our minds to and much more.”