Today I was Leader of the Day for our Final Reflection. We began the day with our reflection seminar, and reminisced and appreciated everything we all brought to this trip. Individuality and the impacts we all had on each other were celebrated. We all walked away from the seminar with a more validated and developed sense of respect for ourselves. We relaxed for a major portion of the day, all doing our own things and taking our final moments for what we believed was the most important to us. On our walk to tutoring it began to downpour. While some of us took out our umbrellas, others sat in the rain and enjoyed the nature. Even though many of us had only a couple of students due to the rain, we conversed and connected with our students and our friends’ students. We made the most out of the time we had. Some students threw a party for their tutors final day, some classes combined, some did review. Regardless, everyone enjoyed their last session.

Being Lider del Día was kind of difficult for me. Even though I am an outspoken and outgoing individual, I struggle with this type of thing. Today was different from other days and lacked the same structure. I ended up not focusing on being a leader and more a part of the group, which I believe worked far better for a day like today. I chose to step up everyday of this trip in someway, and step back for the day I was expected to take control. Especially a day when we are looking back, recognizing, and appreciating, we should all feel connected with each other and I didn’t see how I could go FULL ON Leader of the Day and make that happen.

I made some really great friends and even better amoebas.Ariana Plante 😛