Today was our final reflection day. We woke up at 7 am this morning and had a pancake breakfast at the comedor. After breakfast we had a three hour-long final reflection session where we created Global Glimpse trip maps that highlighted our most memorable moments of the trip, our most inspiring person we met here, a lesson we learned about leadership, and a lesson we learned about ourselves while on the trip. We also discussed everyone’s favorite part of our CAP project and what we are most proud of about the CAP project. Additionally, we made commitments to ourselves for the future. There were three commitments to ourselves: one to stop doing something in our lives, one to continue doing something and one to start doing something. Lastly we gave anonymous compliments to each other called “big love.”

After the final reflection seminar, we ate lunch at the comedor. After lunch we walked to the Café de Las Sonrisas to watch a bull run called the Tope de Torro. From the window of the café we watched people run after and away from bulls in the pouring rain. The streets were very crowded, people were running all around, there were horses and a brass band. We only saw two bulls run in the street, but the event lasted about 3 hours.

After walking home in the rain and through the large crowd at the bull run, we got dressed up to go to a special dinner at a local disco called Isa House. We ate dinner, danced and did karaoke. We listened to the music from the jukebox and the songs alternated between traditional Latin music and popular American music. Before going to bed, people are packing up their belongings, making a thank you sign for the staff at the comedor, and getting ready for bed.