The day began early at 5 am, everyone was tired but still excited for what the day would bring; which was a hike up to a volcano that we could slide down on sand boards. As leader of the day we wanted to make sure everybody in my group was prepared and pumped for the fun day ahead. The hike to Cerro negro was exciting because we personally love to hike and wanted to motivate everyone on the way up. The hike lasted about an hour but it was worth it. Once the group got to the top of Cerro negro we put on our jumpsuits and made our way down the mountain. It was an adrenaline rush even though some group members nearly crashed, including myself (Javier). After Cerro Negro we made our way back to the hostel to have our final reflection. In this reflection, we discussed our thoughts and experiences we had about the entire trip. The reflection was very emotional but we can say that we love this group as if they were our family, we were all reminded just how far we have come and how much we have contributed to the program. We are sad to leave our new family but are excited to continue our journey and keep in touch with all the new friends we have made.