Buenos días a todos!
Good morning everyone!

Today we woke up at 7 AM. Breakfast was at 7:45, and we had cereal and yogurt with fruit.

After breakfast, we had a very emotional, three-hour-long seminar. First, we reflected on what we did for the past fifteen days. Terri had us close our eyes and visualize all the good and bad from this trip. We both cried because she brought up our families back home, and we felt bad that we didn’t appreciate what my family had done for me. These visuals made me realize what we had not been doing. Afterward, to get our spirits back up, we danced to the Cupid Shuffle and everyone was laughing and dancing. Then we mapped our journeys — we drew or wrote down our five special events.

Isa: “I drew when I got accepted into the program, and then all of us becoming friends over playing cards. I drew the waterfall we visited, and then the dump. The last one was our CAP.”

Stephanie: “I first drew leaving my family behind at SFO. Then I drew living like a local; I was able to see how the family that we visited lived. I also got to spend time with the little kids. Our first free day was really memorable and the CAP was such a great accomplishment for the group and me. Lastly, I drew our Adventure day as well, because sitting on the trucks with the wind blowing in my face was fun, and I enjoyed the waterfall.”

After we did the maps, we went into our small reflection groups and shared with each other. Then we came back together and some shared with the entire delegation. We ended the seminar with a group hug.

We had some free time and lunch afterward; we had steak with onions, plantains, cheesy vegetables, rice and beans, and salad. After that, we had explore time! some of us went to souvenir shops, and others of us went to the bakery. Our management team for the CAP went to buy school supplies with the leftover project money.

Then we came back here to pack and get ready for a special dinner at Odalis Grill. Everybody fancied up and we hung out in Ms. Kim’s room. At Odalis we had ribs, fries, onion rings, chicken wings, plantains, sausages, and really good fruit juices. After that we had cake, and we danced Caballo Dorado and taught the steps to our PCs Paola, Francis, and Miguel. We took many, many pictures in the yard and signed our names on the map in the restaurant, leaving our traces behind.

Leading up to this day, we were practicing and a cheer and a dance choreographed by Anjaliyah, to stomp on the delegation staying across the street from us (RIP C2B). Around 9 PM, we marched into the hotel chanting “C1B! C1B!” and we performed for them in front of their balcony. They were shook. Other guests at the hotel staff covered their mouths in shock. We left as quickly as we came in.

Then we had our last nightly meeting and prepared for karaoke. After the nightly meeting, we all ran upstairs to join Francis, Paola, and Miguel, who were already singing their hearts out. We quickly changed and joined them, starting with “Old Town Road.” We sang for nearly an hour, and then everyone was ready for bed, but still lingered in the hallways because we didn’t want to say goodbye.

(Isa): When I first came on this trip, I didn’t expect to meet such a great group of people. The seminar really showed me how I truly feel and how much I’m going to miss everyone.

(Stephanie): When I first came on this trip, I had mixed feelings about what I was going to experience here. But as time went on, I learned that I need to have confidence in myself and be ready to face anything along with our group.

We’re currently just enjoying each other’s company, waiting for Sandy to bring us to the airport, where we will soon board a plane and see our families.

(Stephanie): To my family — I will see you very soon, and don’t worry too much, because I’m doing well, and I love you all very much.

(Isa): To my family — We will soon find out whether Yeyo is going to have a boy or a girl. I’ll be home soon; I can’t wait to see you guys. I really had a great time.