Hello family and friends!

Today was our last full day here in Constanza, and we are going to miss this beautiful country and its friendly people! Today was also our Final Reflection Day, where we took the time to look back on the experiences we had during the trip. Wake up was at 8:00 am, and breakfast was served at 9:00 am. After breakfast, we had our Final Group Reflection Seminar, which lasted from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. During the seminar, we took the time to reflect on the trip and our experiences. We first started by creating a “journey map”, where we listed our 5 most significant experiences (which could go all the way back to when were nominated!), what we learned about ourselves and leadership, and one person we met that inspired us. We then all discussed what we would “Start, Stop, and Continue” once we return home from our trip. Such examples include starting/continuing to appreciate what we have, stop complaining about the little things, and using less technology. After that, we had an anonymous Big Love, where we all wrote something positive about each person. Finally, we completed our final trip assessment survey to give feedback to Global Glimpse.

After lunch at 1:00 pm, and our free time from 2:00pm – 3:15 pm, we had our final English class at 4:00 pm, followed by a talent show that celebrated our students and what they learned with us. It was certainly emotional because we shared a deep connection with our students.

Next, we returned to the hotel, and had more free time to pack or rest. After dinner at 7:00pm, we had our final nightly meeting. In this meeting, we debriefed our experience here in Constanza, and everything we’ve learned as a whole. We agreed that even though we are all returning back to our lives in the States, the time we spent together and the memories we shared will forever be with us.

We can’t wait to come home and share our stories with our families!

Love, Asa G. and Adama