Although our Global Glimpse delegation, C2C, did not do much today, we learned the importance of friendship, family, and relationships through the self-reflection activities this morning. On our final reflection day, in the morning we bonded together and participated in a Big Love activity where we wrote a heartfelt comment on everyone’s paper and created journey maps which was a reflection of our Global Glimpse journey. Lastly we did this amazing activity called “Touch Someone Who….” which made most of us saddened that we will soon be parting from this beautiful country and friends.

Damian was surprised about the amount of response and the heartfelt comments his fellow glimpsers left on his Big Love sheet. Our proudest moments of our day were connecting with friends and becoming a family.
Despite the challenges of being leaders, today was a very relaxed day to be the LDD. Everyone was really cooperative on our last full day. Damian was sick and no one made it harder on him being a leader. Raising his voice for head count and order to thank the food providers with his soar throat. This inspired Fysh, his partner in LDD because of his perseverance not to quit. Little does Fysh know Damian is inspired by him because of his continuous positive attitude. As a leader we both realized they do not just give orders and boss people around. A leader sets goals for their followers and leads them to that goal. Knowing when to balance seriousness and having fun.

P.S. Funny moment:
Fysh was cat-called by a Dominican male. The stronger unknowingly called at Fysh mistaking him for a female. (Fysh’s hair is quite long)