Hello everyone! I’m Jackie, last LDD of this trip 🙁 Today was definitely a perfect last day. We started off the day at 7am with listening to some Drake on Cara’s speaker. Then we went ahead and had breakfast which consisted of tasty oatmeal and toast with some delicious fruit. After our meal, we had some time to reflect about our whole journey. We started off with thinking about what we will STOP, START, and CONTINUE doing when we get home. All of us had amazing thoughts about this and it definitely showed how much we learned and grew throughout these last 16 days. Next, we played a game to share our appreciation for one another and it was super heart-warming and fun. To finish off reflection, we all wrote anonymous, personal notes to each other that we can take home and read whenever we miss each other.

For lunch, we had delicious white rice with meat, beans and veggies. Super tasty as always! We all had to start packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow…super sad :((((

At 4pm we had our last English tutoring class which was also sad because we had to say goodbye to all our students. Once that was over, we drove to the restaurant of our everyday food providers, Rafael and Genesis. We ate some flavorful grilled chicken and danced a lot! We took many many pictures which we will share with you all! It was an amazing dinner full of smiles and laughs and also sad goodbyes to our youth ambassadors, Yazmin, Eric, Darly and Wilkary and to our loving Melvin. Then we came back to the hostel and had our last nightly meeting and got to see a slideshow of our memories. Which brings me here now. Even though it seems sad that it was our last day, we made the best of it!! We can’t wait to see you guys at the airport early Friday morning!!!!!