Hola familia y amigos,

I’m Elizabeth the last Lider del dia! Although today has been an emotional roller coaster, I’d like to start off by saying that there’s no other way I would rather spend my summer than joining this amazing group of glimpsers.

Our day started with an 8 am wake up call, which I know the ladies enjoyed for sure! We then headed to breakfast and soon back to have our reflection seminar which consisted of very emotional talks, laughs and tears. We all took the time to look back upon how much we’ve learned and grown as a group. Everyone had the chance to share about their favorite and most memorable day. The most touching part of the seminar was when we all got to share our big loves, it was nice to see how much love each and every one of us had. The exchange of lovely words of course made us all break down but as el lider del dia I tried my best to keep the group up with high spirit.

After our seminar we had a delicious lunch, the traditional plate called Sanconcho Dominicano. Then we headed to our local pool for some fun time with our ambassadors who were excited to jump in the pool. We also pitched in for a lovely cake which was too good. Sadly, on our bus ride back to CONAMUCA we had to say goodbye to our ambassadors and thank them for everything that they’ve done for us. On our free time we made thank you cards for both the CONAMUCA staff and our designated driver Giovanni who we appreciate so much!

At dinner we had the chance to present them with our meaningful card and take pictures with the amazing chefs. To end off the night we had big love once again because we just can’t get enough of each other and will truly miss one another. Every one slowly started packing and getting ready to depart while sharing our funny, scary and loving memories. Although today was a tough day for everyone we all managed to pull through and keep a smile for most of the day. This has been an unforgettable journey for us all and we will continue to grow because this is not the end but the beginning. Thank you to all that kept in touch/ updated and supported us throughout the trip.

Buenas noches,