Today is the last day of our journey, and it has been great for everyone. Today we all learned what the true meaning of this trip was, and shared our feelings for each other through “Big Love”. What hit me personally is how everyone got emotional and how much they enjoyed the trip. What surprised me the most is how much people said how funny I am, and how much I make them happy which is my goal, to make everyone happy. What I’m most proud of today is that almost everyone came on time and followed the schedule when normally some people are late to things like breakfast.

Being the leader of the day today showed me I have great leadership skills and I can get a group of people to follow my lead positively, respectfully, and most of all while having fun.  I learned about myself that I’m a very positive person and my job in the future is to continue to make people smile. So to sum up this trip, I believe everyone had one of the best experiences of their lives including me and I hope I get to do something like this again.