Hello family and friends!
Today was a very nostalgic day, as it was our last full day in Estelí 😓. We all got to sleep in until 8:00am, which felt extremely refreshing since we had to wake up at 5:30 yesterday. For breakfast, we had scrambled eggs, beans, bread, and cheese. After breakfast, our GG leaders Zully and Ricardo passed back our first draft of the letters of appreciation with a donor name and feedback written all over it. We spent roughly 45 minutes writing our final drafts and put them in envelopes. Soon after, at 9:45, we left in groups for our very last free time. My group, which consisted of me, Victoria, Angela, and Miguel, went to the bookstore, artisan shop, la Colonia (the supermarket), and ate burgers. The four of us were craving burgers after eating it at monkey hut; however, we were slightly disappointed by it. We then ate a delicious lunch (chicken, rice, salsa, French fries) at 12:00 (of course my group wasn’t hungry at all.)

At 1:00, our delegation plus the director of the Nicaragua site of global glimpse gathered together for the final reflection seminar. The final reflection seminar caused a couple of people to shed some tears and most people were sad that we had to leave so soon. The seminar consisted of five parts: discussion about the CAP, global glimpse journey map, stop/continue/start activity, big love activity, and a final unity clap. For the CAP discussion, we talked about the highlights of the whole process and what stood out to us. A popular response was that a highlight was the community involvement, as the mural was covered with handprints of the preschoolers and a teenage boy painted fishes. Next, we completed a global glimpse journey map, where we answered four questions: five most memorable moments, what did we learn from being a leader, who inspired us the most, and what we learned about ourselves. We were encouraged to use symbols instead of words to complete the activity. Then, we split up into groups of four and shared out our responses. Following this, we participated in the big love activity. In this activity, the delegation sat in a circle and had a piece of paper with our name written on it. Then, we passed the paper to the person on our right and wrote something nice about the person. We kept doing this until each person had written something for everybody. It felt really great when we got our paper back and read all of the nice and kind responses.


After the final reflection seminar, we had pizza for dinner (it was super cheesy and had no tomato sauce, but was very delicious.) Shortly after, we headed to our very last English tutoring session. We spent the first 45 minutes practicing for the talent show. Then, all the classes headed upstairs to start the talent show. All the classes sang songs (Amazing Grace, Rude by Magic, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hello by Adele, Pillow Talk by Zayn, etc.) afterwards, we headed back to our classes and took pictures and said goodbye to our students. My class, headed by me, Gurshi, and Miguel, gave us SO many gifts. The three of us got jackets, pens, chips, etc. it made us feel so sad that we were leaving and wouldn’t see them. 😞 At 7:45pm, we headed back to the hostel for our very last nightly meeting.


We ended our last night together playing a our favorite game called “Mafia”!

We all love and miss everyone. We will be arriving back to the U.S. shortly! Be sure to pick us up at 12:45 a.m. on June 25.

“Peace out from Estelí 1A, later”
Lots of love,
Daniel Li 😁