SECOND ATTEMPT (the post was deleted because the tablet shut down, so this will be shorter)

Today was a day of looking back on the past two weeks, enjoying the time we have left here, and looking to the future – when the group will reunite. In a poignant start to the day, a several hour meeting of reflective activities was held. The highlights included a twelve minute session of what could be compared to yearbook signing. We anonymously wrote down what we admired about everyone. Upon seeing my notes, I wished I had given others more thought out responses. However, everyone was given a chance for an extended appreciation. Thoughts flowed freely, and sunglasses were put on as tears did the same. Lastly, the group came together to perform a song I had written only a couple days before – “Globetrotter” – in thanks to the GG Leaders and Program Coordinators for putting on the trip of a lifetime.

Lunch was comparatively lighthearted, but the air of sadness returned at dinner. We gave thanks to Don Carlos, who cooked most of our meals during the trip. We gave him a photo to remember the group, and ever gracious, he had photos of his own to give for us to remember him. Finally, to close off the evening, we had our last English tutoring session, and we promised to keep in touch with our students. We hope that our work with them might make a difference in their lives, however small.

Over this trip, I’ve made some wonderful friends. Laughs were shared, secrets told, riddles solved, scores of mosquito bites suffered over, and pretty much anything else you can think of that a tight-knit group of amazing people can do. I will miss them so much. All I’ve been thinking about, apart from this trip ending, is when I will get to see them again. I can’t thank everyone enough for allowing me to open up and be myself, for teaching me how to make friends again, and for never not being awesome.