Today, the group spent a lot of time reflecting on our experience here in Nicaragua. For most of our day, we spent our time reminiscing on life changing events and lifetime bonds that we have created here with each other in Nicaragua. We shared tears, laughs and traditional food before our departure from Esteli to Managua. We talked a lot about living in the moment, living without fear and not being afraid to make a difference in the world. We talked about how society makes it so hard for people to be who they truly are and by us being without our cellular devices, it forced us to see each other without a mask. Personally, I saw a lot of beauty in myself, in my peers and in the staff today because we made a difference just in 15 days. I am most proud of the fact that we grew as leaders and impacted so many individuals here. From teaching English, to living like a local and to facing some of our most challenging obstacles, we all have grown. Everybody has inspired me to be a better leader, listener, teacher, friend and to be grateful for the little things in life. Being Lider Del Dia was AMAZING, it forced me to be more responsible than I usually am and to be mindful when it comes to decision making. I had fun reminding people to drink water and making sure everyone is in the right place while traveling. I learned that it is important to listen as a leader and to create an open space for everyone to freely express themselves. I am sad to leave but, I am happy to come back to Chicago and make difference in my community.