Saying thank you to our host Sheila.

It’s Thais and this is one of the last blogs. Today was an emotional wreck day in which many of us laughed, cried, danced, and laughed some more. It’s been an amazing journey and during the first part of the morning, we were able to reflect on it. We also got to enjoy our last explore time, in which many of us were able to do last minute shopping, get last chinola drinks, and enjoy San Juan! We then headed back home in order to finalize our packing and get doll’ed up for our party. Many of us rushed, but we finally made it downstairs to get the party started! (yay!) We had an amazing dinner with many ambassadors, leaders, and PCs. We then got the party started and hit the dance floor. Our long night came to an end with our last nightly meeting and our last big love and a couple of “see you laters” with tears. 

Writing cards for all the amazing people who supported us on the trip.

Dance party!

Hello, it’s Grace now. While today was overall a very relaxed and flexible day, it was also truly a thoughtful and emotional final reflection day. In both the morning Program Seminar and Nighly Meeting, we expressed gratitude toward our fellow Glimpsers, our GGLs, PCs, Ambassadors, and everyone who has helped us learn, challenge ourselves, grow and have fun. We had really become like a big family; the strong bond between everyone in the group was very apparent when we embraced the variety of qualities people had in the group and as we expressed our love for each other. We each hold intimate memories with the friends we made on this journey, and someday, we will gather again like a family to renew our bond and create many more beautiful moments to hold onto. I’m certain that we have all learned and changed so much from meeting such diverse people and witnessing such different conditions in the Dominican Republic, so let us carry the lessons we have learned from both this beautiful place and the wonderful people, and use our experiences to help us live out the change we wish to see in the world. 

The Amazing Grace and Thais!