Hi guys, today we went back to Escuela Bertha GutiƩrrez to finish our CAP project. We went into groups and one group fertilized the flowers we had planted two days ago and watered them, while another group put the finish coat on the signs we had made yesterday, another group dug the holes and put the posts in and we all pitched in to mix the cement and filled the holes with cement. We said our good byes to the children and came back home. Today we learned that each of us are here for a purpose and we are leaders eager to make a difference in world. We also learned that what we are doing actually is making a difference and the smiles on their children faces showed that they appreciate the little we did for them. I was surprised that we knew what needed to be done and we took charge and got the work done faster and more organized than before. I am proud of how we came together and used our time wisely to get the job done. This shows how we have matured into great leaders and the things we learn here we will forever have with us to use in our everyday lives and make us become better leaders. Being El Leader Del Dia is at times challenging, but you learn from your mistakes and you fix them. It was a really fun experience taking charge and showing that being a leader is important by giving a good example but also by showing that we are all equal leaders. Today I learned that I can be a great leader if I let my fears go and if I project my voice I will be heard and people will w