GU2A Delegation at “Mariscal Sucre” airport (Quito)

Hi everyone, it’s Stephanie and Camilo here, Guaranda 2 Program Coordinators.
We wanted to let you know our 29 glimpsers are already in Ecuador, safe, sound and most importantly full of energy and excitement. We’re very happy to have such a collaborative group in Ecuador for the next couple of weeks. We’ll get to know them better soon, but the first impression has been truly wonderful.

Stay tuned, because our Glimpsers will have the chance to be leaders for a day and they will be responsible for writing a post here so you can all follow the different activities we’ll do and all the learning behind each one of them.

We’re leaving from Quito to Guaranda at 7:30 am and it will be a long ride so they’ll have a chance to rest and enjoy some incredible landscapes on our way there.

See you soon!
Regards from Ecuador