Hey y’all, it’s yo girls, the leaders of the day, Jerlene and Daphne. 🙂 Today, we got an early start on our CAP and woke up at 6am. We had our typical breakfast of Gallo Pinto, which was delicious. lol.

We headed to Casa Materna at 7 and got to work. We mixed cement and finished the top layer of our wall. We also finished our painting of the quote, “the moms take care of Mother Earth” and a globe, symbolizing Global Glimpse. Shoutout to Celi for her great artistic skills. During down time, we practiced a performance that we were preparing for our English students’ graduation ceremony. More details on that to come. We were able to finish by noon and presented the project to Ivannia, the director of Casa Materna. It meant a lot to us to be able to present the project that all of us worked extremely hard on. Seeing her reaction made us feel as if we really made an impact. She mentioned how Casa Materna would not have been able to gather the resources necessary to complete the wall without Global Glimpse. We hope that the wall is sustainable and provides stability to the multipurpose room. Because of everyone’s generous donations, we were not only able to finish the project, but we also had extra money left over. With the extra money, we gave some to the contractors who volunteered to help with our project and also bought a cake for Ivannia’s birthday. As a group, we sang to her in Spanish and ate cake together.

After our morning at Casa Materna, we ate lunch and returned to the hostel. We had free time to finish up our letters of appreciation and work on English tutoring lesson plans. Several groups went out and were able to shop for souvenirs and snacks. After some fun out in the city, we returned back to the hostel  and got ready to tutor. At English tutoring, everyone was productive, but also we felt sad that English tutoring was coming to an end. For dinner, we ate at a “fancy” restaurant called “Coffee and Cocktails”. Some of us bought coffee as dessert, no more Gallo Pinto :). When we returned to the hostel we debriefed our CAP project. Everyone felt a sense of satisfaction knowing we completed the project that Casa Materna really needed. We finished the day with a nightly meeting. We were able to CAP off three days of hard work. We had the opportunity to complete the project and also to see everyones faces when were finally done. We could tell that everyone was extremely proud of the work we accomplish. We were also able to start a new project in the performance for our English students. As leaders, we had to push ourselves in communicating with the rest of the group to come up with an idea that we all liked. We are excited for the students to see our talents. Thanks for reading. Have a great night!