We had a very interesting and intense first day!

After a 7-hour delay, our group finally made it to Ecuador. Despite the long, sleepless night, our Glimpsers were really excited to be here and in a very good mood. Nacho and I were happy to finally meet them all!

We had to change our initial plans and went straight to Riobamba. After a long bus ride, we made it just on time for lunch: French fries, chicken and avocado salad for today. Early afternoon, the hotel manager introduced us to the facilities and to the staff. We are staying at La Primavera, a beautiful and historical place where we have a lot of outdoor space to play soccer and volley.

At 4pm, we had the most exciting activity of the day: a dance class! The professional dancers brought traditional clothing and taught the group how to dance on Ecuadorian music. Everyone had a lot of fun!

We are really happy and grateful to see all those happy faces and good energy in spite of that tiring trip and we look forward to our next adventures together!

Nacho & Emily (Program Coordinators)