Hello everybody!

Today marked the beginning of our CAP project. It was filled with dust, bugs, and rubble. Gross. Nonetheless, let’s start at the beginning of our story. We woke up at a crisp 7 a.m. but, as leaders, we took initiative at the first crow of the rooster (AKA 6:45). After yesterday’s previous wake up call at 5 a.m., a 7 wake up call felt like a luxury. Leader of the day, Steven Hidalgo greeted each incomer to the dining area by shouting their names as they walked in. It was the perfect start to a soon-to-be long, hard day. After a hearty meal of sausage, bread, fruit, and pineapple juice, it was time to get to work.

Four from the group left to get supplies while the others hurried off to the community center we are renovating. The youth ambassadors (Jeison, Saory, and Ricardo) were a special plus on the trip to Jinova. It was still early and the energy of the group was at a high. We unloaded the bus and took a look at the rundown community center. The focus of the day was to destroy the front, cement walls. It was thrilling and relieving to take a sledgehammer to the wall and see our hard work as the wall became rubble. Our driver Jochy came out of his shell. He took the sledgehammer like he was born to destroy. We dedicate our lives to our lord and savior.

Our wonderful food provider, Charlie, came to the rescue with lunch: beans, rice, chicken, and vegetables. It was scrumptious. Then it was back to the grind. We worked until Jochy said he was done for the day. Just kidding, we went home at 2:30 for a much-needed break. We napped like dogs. Leader of the day, Steven Hidalgo, found his black shoes to be gray with dust after all his laborious work. While co-leader of the day, Juju Miyamoto, fell hard asleep as leadership duties were physically exhausting her.

After the break, everyone gathered in the common area to write thank you letters to our Global Glimpse donors. Shoutout to the family and friends who helped get us here. Then came explore time. The group split ways. Some went shopping, others to exercise, and the rest to relax with the nuns. Lastly came dinner. We as leaders were ready to eat up the labors of Charlie’s hard work. While there was no Charlie present at dinner, we could feel his presence in the chicken tenders, yuca fries, and beans.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of our day as much as we did. Please make sure to like, subscribe, and comment down below what Charlie should cook us next! See you all soon.

XOXO, Steven and Juju