Well, what can I say? Today was our very first day we started on our CAP project! Our day began waking up at 6:30 A.M. Wonderful, isn’t it? The weather didn’t make it any easier for a few of us since it was extremely hot for a few hours. I’ll be honest, we each had a frustrating moment but we all managed to get back on our feet and keep working. Words can’t explain how much energy was put on the first day of the project, nor could it explain how eager we all were to make the project look right. I don’t believe life could have selected any other students to get this job done than the ones that were chosen to come onto this trip and create a change! I am extremely proud to be working with the group I am in. Each shows that they have potential to make a difference whether it’s here in Jinotega, Nicaragua or in any other community. DSC00727