Hi families!

Today we laid the foundations of our Community Action Project at Pachamama. We had to wake up really early to eat breakfast at La Tortilla and finish buying the excess materials we needed for our project. The projects consisted of renovating the stairs and playground, building new sinks for the children, and replacing the aging murals on the side of the school. We also met with the executives of Global Glimpse and discussed how well our project was going so far. We started with sanding off the worn paint on the playground equipment and walls, and putting a new coat of paint on. We also discussed our plans for CAP Day 2 and how we could improve on what we already started. After a long, fruitful day of work, we came back to the hotel to start our regular English tutoring. At the end of a long day, we had a fun movie night, where we watched the urban classic, White Chicks.