Our day began by knocking on the doors at 6:45 am.  Getting reading to go eat some delicious pancakes for the long day ahead of us. We were able to spit into groups and effectively buy the rest of the supplies for the CAP project.  Soon after we had to put everything into the bus and headed to the La Cruz, the school were we are doing our Community Action Projects, to began the CAP project.  When we arrived we immediately started our hard work under the blazing sun. Group one was able to clear out the garden space, from all the rocks and weeds.  Then we were able to set up an effective irrigation system, and DSC06018 DSC06028 DSC06029 DSC06035 build the box for the herb garden. Around 12: 30 we gave the option to take a break for lunch to group one, but everyone rejected the offer because we were hard at work, so we made it mandatory for everyone to break and get some water. The same thing happened in group two where no one wanted to go eat when we were getting so much done. Group two is making a mural about vegetables to encourage the kids to eat healthier. We were able to start on the mural and even though we had good momentum we are unable to finish because of running out of paint (don’t worry we are going to buy more paint tomorrow). We were still able to make the signs for the garden while others included the kids from the school on typing the cook book.

After a hard day at work, we prepared for English classes and had enough energy to teach a two hour class. We are looking forward to finishing the CAP project.  Group one wants to plant and get the irrigation system working.  We also want to have the herbs and trees planted. Group two wants to have the mural finished as well as the cook book.  They also will give a presentation to the students on what we will be planting and eating healthy. We are looking forward to finishing it all tomorrow, but not looking forward to out last day of tutoring, since we have grown so close to every one of our students.