First day in the Dominican Republic!

The first delegation arrived this afternoon to the Dominican Republic. We are extremely excited about the upcoming weeks together! After the long flight from California to this Caribbean tropical country, the majority of the group took advantage of the four-hour drive from Santo Domingo to San Juan de la Maguana to sleep. Other glimpsers took time to get to know one another. Everybody seems so excited and eager to learn and grow from this experience.

After arriving at San Juan de La Maguana, we unloaded the luggage and gave out room assignments. The students were surprised to see the mosquito nets. Then, we went to Rosaura’s to eat a delicious meal. During our first nightly meetings, the Glimpsers and Global Glimpse Leaders learned some new Spanish-Dominican words: ayuntamiento, cazicazgo, taíno.

First day down, 15 more to go!