The leaders of the day today were the two Jackie’s. YES, THAT IS CORRECT! Jackie Diaz and Jackie Aguilar were the leaders of the day!

Wake up call today was at 7:30 in the morning. We all met down in the common room and that was followed by the usual morning meal for the whole delegation. Following this, we were able to warm up with a few activities and began our ride to multiple shops in order to get the materials we needed for the project.

There were three projects that required three different stores for the first day. Our projects were based off in developing the library called Puedo Leer. The first one is the mural. Focusing on teaching the community how to recycle and the significance behind it. The second project is for more than one thing: tables, benches, and laminated flashcards. The tables are to be used for the children and locals that come and visit, giving them a more comfortable area to be able to both learn and discover. The benches are meant for same reason, the more chairs and tables that the library has, the more that people will be able to be welcomed. The laminated flashcards were a side project originally but they soon became something that the library saw valuable to their goal. The laminated flashcards are to be used to teach the children and give them an interactive way to learn english. Last but not least, we’re making bookshelves! Tall and wide enough to give them access to store the new books we are sure Puedo Leer will receive with the continuous and on going support. As a delegation we planned these projects considering that the library was going to be changing locations soon. By the end of the third CAP day we want to be sure that we are not only able to leave our mark in Granda, Nicaragua; but that that mark is able to be sustainable and useful for everyone in the community, something that everyone will be able to keep for as long as possible.

The first store that we went to had the wood that we would be using to make the tables, benches, and bookshelves. We were very proud of our group because of the way they prepared for the wood. They estimated how much they would need and the cost. The second one that we went to was a store that had paint, brushes, and other things that were needed to make these projects possible. The last store that we went into was a school supplies store. When we went into that store, we got a few things that were needed to make the final details. After we got all that we needed to do the projects, we all got on the bus and headed out. When we got to the library, we had lunch and reused the cartons as paint tray. After all of this, the projects started to happen! There was a big group of students that were working together to sand down all of the wood and there were many people that were putting a base coat on the mural.

Doing the sanding and the first base coat of the mural took up the majority of the first CAP day and sooner or later the two hours that we had available were already done. We finished the project day cleaning up and making sure that everything was stored away neatly and safely to continue the upcoming day. Per usual, the trip back to the Hostal, Casa Roja, followed.

When we got back to Casa Roja, we all went straight into English prep. Most of the groups were finished so they got to have some free time. We then had dinner, which was taquitos, rice, and beans. It was very good. after dinner we started to head out to English Tutoring. When we were out, it started to rain, but we got to the school really quickly. We then had our time with our students. After we were finished with that, we all headed back to the hostel and had our nightly meeting.

Today started the beginning of our CAP project and our journey to start of our mark in Granada, Nicaragua. It was just as hot as all the other days we’ve spent together; but each minute was just as memorable as the last. In comparison, we were able to learn something new from this experience, mainly that, “teamwork makes the dreamwork.” Today we were able to show not only the community but each other what teamwork looks and feels like. There weren’t many disagreements and everyone, regardless of choosing teams, went around the library helping one another with all the three projects that got accepted!!! Throughout the day there were multiple turns due to such a hectic schedule, the most surprising being how quickly people could come together to form the starting steps to the bigger picture. As well, as the community joining us voluntarily which leads to the people that to inspired us today. The most inspiring person, we believe, is not only one person, but everyone that helped us work on our projects in the community. From multiple ages each of them seemed really excited and just as passionate to be a part of the improvement of Puedo Leer. After talking with a few of them it was clear to see their happiness and true gradated.

Some things that me and my peers leaned was how may of the young kids from the community were very excited to help complete some of the projects with us. Something that surprised me most today was the way everyone. Something that I learned about myself today was that it is very hard to be a leader.  One thing that I am proud of that me and my peers accomplished today was actually planning out how many materials we need, how much it would cost, and staying in the budget. One thing that I learned about being a leader is that it is always going to be challenging. Also, we learned that patience is key and without it, it would be harder to lead people under stressful conditions. Another thing that is key to have when you are a leader is the ability to be attentive an keeping energy throughout the day. Being attentive is very important because you need to make sure that everyone is on top of the projects that hey are leading. Keeping energy throughout the day is also important because people don’t usually follow a sad, tired leader, they are more likely to follow someone who has high enthusiasm.

-Jackie squared

Hanging out at night!