Today was the first free day of the trip, which meant that we had to learn how to navigate an almost entirely structure-free day. This meant making plans with GGLs and/or ambassadors either in advance or the morning of. Before we went out to go anywhere, we had salami, eggs, and mashed potatoes. After breakfast we decided to climb to the top of the city cathedral (which  is also the highest point in city). While the height may have been a bit daunting we still had a lot of fun while up there and also took many pictures. After that, we headed to Sarita’s (an ice cream shop across from the hotel). Then we went back to Sheila’s for lunch which was rice and beans, roaster chicken and pork belly. Then we had a large amount of free time. Most of the guys went to play basketball and do a few other things, while the girls(and myself ) went to get souvenirs, snacks, and also get their hair braided. Before actually splitting both groups went to call home. This activity was an emotional one for many of us. When we actually split, we did more mobile activities. While waiting for some of the girls to get their hair braided, a small subgroup led by an ambassador went to buy snacks, visit an internet café, and buy souvenirs.

Being leader of the day was a bit difficult for me personally. I don’t usually lead groups of people in such unknown areas. This challenge ultimately led to a exponential growth experience. I started a bit timidly, not very sure of my capability to lead but over time I gained confidence in myself and bettered my leading strategy. At the end of the day, I felt drained from rushing from place to place, trying to be as close to on time as possible. I was worried that I would get bad feedback, but I experienced quite the opposite as it seemed as though everyone noticed my growth and were proud of said growth.