imageToday was our first Free Day! A day in which we were able to go out without or GG leaders and coordinators, obviously not on our lonesome but with a group of four or more.  I heard many wonderful activities that students did.  Like exploring Granada, getting haircuts, trying out delicious food, shopping, and getting laundry done.  Another great thing that many of us enjoyed was finally having the opportunity to call home and talk to our loved ones.  For me, it was the greatest thing to finally hear my mother’s voice which made me a little emotional but it totally made my day.  Our GG coordinators also enjoyed their Free Day and they were out for the afternoon.  An interesting experience was that a couple of friends and I actually saw Tio Antonio chilling outside of a restaurant.  We bonded with him for a little while and he was so sweet to us and sadly he still seemed to be in pain but we wished him to feel better soon.  Sadly, our Free time didn’t last the whole day but it’s okay because we have a bigger responsibility which is our English tutoring lessons.

imageOnce again, English tutoring went super well today.  A lot of us seemed to have a great time teaching and most importantly our students seemed to be having a great learning community, which made me happy to see.  English tutoring is a really cool thing to do because there are many students who have the desire to learn English and seeing them learn is really wonderful.

We all look forward to our first Fun Day tomorrow which we’ll be heading to La Laguna de Apoyo.  This place is a huge beautiful lagoon were we will be relaxing, swimming, playing and having tons of FUN!