Today was our very first free day. Everyone was anticipating this day, due to our very busy schedule throughout the week. I started by waking up everyone at 8am, so they could be ready by 9 to have Licelot’s famous breakfast! After breakfast we had free time for 4 hours. Most people went in to town, to go shopping, and to see what else Bonao has to offer. It was very hot, but everyone said they had a great time. After everyone returned at 1, we then had another fabulous lunch made by Licelot! 🙂 After lunch, we had another free time, which many people used the opportunity to go play basketball with one of our GG staff, Marcos Martinez 🙂 Others that stayed, took time to call their family, and as for me and some others we took the time to take a nice, well deserved nap. Everyone came back by 3:30 to shower, and prepare for the english classes, as seen below.

Day 7FreeDay-45

Here, is my class. We have the intermediate 2 students, which is one of the high levels for english. We taught the two part verbs, and complex emotions. Most of our student, are of the age 20 and higher.

Day 7FreeDay-13

Here are the students, that are so eager to learn English and are in the beginners classes. In these classes, the teachers plan games so learning English will be more entertaining and so they can grasp the concept better, as you can see below.

Day 7FreeDay-17

Another of our English classes, are playing musical chairs as a form of ice breakers. Some of the kids in our English classes, live with us here in the orphanage. We use some of our free time, to play volleyball and soccer with the kids that live here.

Day 7FreeDay-57In this picture, one of our lovely teachers, Jaime Jimenez, is teaching the intermediate advanced kids body parts. That is the highest level we teach.

Day 7FreeDay-40

This is one of our largest classes, that got lucky to have such great and enthusiastic teachers. They take a lot of their time, coming up with schedules, and many fun games.

Day 7FreeDay-52

After our english classes, we had dinner. Another amazing meal by Licelot. As you can see, she is very famous in our book. We all love her very much, not just for her food but her amazing personality. After dinner, we have nightly meeting which is where we talk about our day. During this meeting, many gave Big Love. Big love is basically just giving props to one another. And as the days pass, we keep getting closer, and there is a lot more love going around. We finished nightly meeting and then had free time, which many people used to converse and get to know each other better.

This is Marcela Jimenez logging out from here in the DR. Lots of love 🙂

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