Hello friends and family of the Global Glimpsers. I am Jazpreet  (Jazz  for short) Virk, I was the Globe Glimpse leader of the day on Aug. 3  for our first free day. The day start off a bit early for I mistakenly woke everyone up a few minutes early but that gave them time to work on their laundry. A lot of us ready to go go out and explore the town on free day.

We started the day by discussing the CAP project. The CAP project- stands for Community Action Project- is a project where we go to a community to see what they need help with and we execute their wishes. The specific community we went to wanted a park that was built 8 years ago to be restored to a brand new condition because its current condition is run down and is covered in graffiti.  We came up with ideas and ways to fix the park at the end of 4 de Julio street. The meeting we had on the CAP project got a little heated but we agreed that it was for the people and that the community should decide on what they want. In the end, we were able to come down with some ideas. Those ideas we came up with were repainting over the graffiti and building a tire swing.

After CAP, we got to eat lunch which set us back because it was delayed. People were still excited to get to go to the call center and call their friends and family. We had a whole hour and a half to go places. A lot of people got to go to the market and the pharmacy where they got to buy snacks, gifts and other items. Others got to go to the bakery for fresh pastry’s. Some of us went shopping for clothes. Since it was climate here was really hot, we got to go eat ice cream at a place called Bon. At the end of our free time, we got back and got together with our English tutoring classes to come up with the lesson for the day. Then we went to our classes to teach and after it was done, went to Sheilas to have dinner. I was glad to see everyone get a breather from all the hard work they were doing.


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