Hello, my name is Daphne Pineda and I was El Lider Del Dia for Sunday, June 9. I was picked as the leader for the first Free Day of the trip. Therefore I had to work alongside the coordinators to plan what would happen, because we did not have a set itinerary on where to go or what time we should be there. As leader of the day, I woke up earlier than everyone else to make sure others would wake up and get their breakfast. It was our first laundry day, so I had to make sure my peers were able to find Guadalupe’s house, and also were able to get back on time to eat breakfast.

As a group, we all agreed to go to the Tourism Fair at the Plaza after breakfast. It was nice because the community of Jinotega all gathered there. Dancing and Speeches were made, and I know some people got excited over buying small souvenirs already.

We split into 2 groups: while one group went to the call center, another would go out to get coffee. And vice versa, the other group got the chance to call and one would go shopping. I’m sure many of you families enjoyed the lovely phone calls you received.

Most of the day was used up at home, just resting. I think we connect more each day when we do group games and activities at home.

We ended the night with a surprise performance by Duo Blamer. They did a magnificent job singing for us. They also got us pumped up as we all danced to the music. I know for sure our leader Denis got down and groovy.



Being El Lider Del Dia for this day was personally a challenge for me, because I did not have a set schedule to look upon. I think I would work better with a set itinerary because I at least know what we’re doing and when we have to be there. However for a free day, it was more thinking on my feet with decisions on what to do as a group. It was a good experience being the leader of free day.

The day was overall relaxing, and I felt it rejuvenated everyone’s energy so they may be prepared for the long week ahead of us.