We were all excited to arrive in Jinotega for a jam-packed day with the theme of History. After settling into the hostal, we tucked into a typical Nica breakfast of Gallo Pinto, fried bananas and eggs and then got straight into learning about the culture of Jinotega and rules of our home – Hotel Kiuras. We met Ricardo and the staff and played a few games to help us get to know each other. This afternoon, after learning about the History of Nicaragua, we went on a City tour, stopping at the bustling market, the town cathedral and Casa Materna – a place where the poorest women from extremely rural areas come to be looked after before their baby is born.


The group is getting on great and we are impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of everyone – even recovering from flights and early starts, the team is dyamic, enthusiastic and well-behaved. Our time together is going to be amazing!