Happy Glimpsers in their first GLIMPSE into the beautiful City of Esteli.

Today was the first full day for the group, and they were all really eager to explore and learn more about their host home for the next 3 weeks. The glimpsers were really inquisitive while they walked through the city of tobacco and murals. They were amazed to see the differences and similarities between Nicaragua and the US. They sure enjoyed their first inmersion into the culture of the city.

In the afternoon we had a nice walk to the interesting Museum of History where the staff was very welcoming and helpful, particularly the director of the museum who happily took the time to give us a tour through the place. She talked to us about the history of esteli since their beginning as a indigenous race till nowadays.

The students had their first self- reflection about their first impressions of the country and city, and is amazing to see them appreciate the little things they have back home that they didn’t think was important as a hot shower. They are very happy to keep experiencing the new things Nicaragua has to offer and challenge themselves to become better leaders.

Museum Esteli

Cheers from the Museum of history!