We haven’t spent 24 hours as a group together but already a lot has happened here in San Cristobal.

The 3rd delegation in this new DR site started at 3:47am when their flight arrived from NY. After a few hours of sleep in Santo Domingo all of our glimpsers were able to have breakfast together and call home. Around 12 we all went to our bus, where Moises (one of our two drivers) was waiting for us to bring us to the Rancho.

Once we arrived  we had our first meal in what is going to be our home for the next 18 days together. The afternoon was all about learning about things that are different here from home and also about bonding together. This last part happened mostly at the pool, where the group spent some quality time getting to know each other.


Then we went into our regular nightly routine: dinner, nightly meeting and free time before lights out.


Right now everyone is around the Ranch having some fun exploring the site.


We are off to a great start here in SC!


Big love to all the people supporting this amazing group of glimpsers back home!