My name is Bridget and I am the other leader for the Esteli trip leaving June 9th!  We are so lucky to have Stuart going with us since he is a registered nurse.  I am not a nurse but I am a fellow science enthusiast.  I teach chemistry (both general and AP) at Freedom High School, and have been there about four years.  Before I taught however, I worked as a research scientist looking into diseases like cancer, aging, and diabetes.  I was used to working in a sterile environment, which means I will pester you often on the trip to wash your hands!  I have traveled to Central America before (Guatemala and Belize) so my Spanish speaking skills are ok.  That trip was so much fun and I throughly believe that everyone should travel outside of their own country.  That is why I decided to be a GG leader.  I am so excited to get to know you all over our three weeks together.


Things you should know about me:

1) I like to run.  So………. if others want to wake up early to go run I can always use buddies 🙂

2) I am an impressive card player so I will definitely be bringing a deck of cards on the trip, so be ready to learn how to shuffle.

3) I am obsessed with bringing jolly ranchers with me on plane rides.  They help with the ear popping dilemma on planes and just taste wonderful.

4) I cannot stand coffee or chocolate (in large quantities).  This is ironic because our town is know for both of those items.


Things I want to know about you:

1) What is the number one TV show you are going to miss from home?

2) What is the longest period of time you have ever been away from home?

3) What are you most excited to do on the trip?

Looking forward to hearing from you, and I will be talking to many of you soon!


Me with the most adorable dog ever!

Me with the most adorable dog ever!