Hello GG world!

Shhhh…… Everyone is sleeping here in Rancho Campeche, our new home for the next 18 days. It’s been a long start to our adventure but it has been a great one!

Elias and I picked almost everyone up in the Santo Domingo airport this afternoon and we kept them busy up until now. (We are still missing Julienne who is arriving as I write, here in the DR).

Today was all about adapting to a new country, a new setting, the climate, the bugs, a new group of friends and our home for the next 2 weeks in a half. We talked about what it means to be Dominican and how stereotypes are not always true. We share some big love at our nightly meeting. We had an amazing first dinner and we finish our day with our first unity clap with the shouting of FIRST STEPS!! (which was pretty awesome!)

This group has a great energy and we can already feel that we are going to have an amazing 18 days together.

Big love to everyone supporting this group of glimpsers back in the US!


PS: the pic is from one of the hammocks here at the Rancho 😉