Dear Parents of SJ1A glimpsers,

The SJ1A group missed its connecting flight due to a big storm in Atlanta which forced a lot of flights to sit on the runway before passengers were allowed to get off the plane.

This caused many people to miss their connecting flights this afternoon and evening including our glimpers. Delta is working diligently to get all of our students rebooked on new flights home, unfortunately they could not get them on flights until tomorrow afternoon and evening.

We have been advised though that the group should still try standby for the morning flights to San Francisco.

Because the group will not get new flight info until late tonight (EST), the need to wait for the early standby flights, and because of the storm, it is safest and makes the most sense for the group to wait at the airport overnight for the early flights tomorrow.

All students are calling parents to update them and let them know their specific flight information. As of now, it looks like there will be 3 separate group flights coming home. Our wonderful GGLs, Mr. Contreras and Ms. Tran, will ensure that they take the last flights home so that every student has a chaperone take them all the way to the gate or they will have Mr. Contreras or Ms. Tran on their flight. At this time no student will be flying alone.

Please let GG staff  ([email protected] or [email protected]) or your son/daughter know if you can’t pick them up at the airport tomorrow at their new arrival time so that we can see if they can get a ride with someone else.

Thanks so much for your understanding,

–The Global Glimpse Team