Finally–a break! For us glimpsers, who have constantly been waking up early, it’s a sigh of relief to relax for the whole day. It was an amazing opportunity for us to bond and indulge in each other’s presence considering the busy schedules we had. Unfortunately, some of us fell under the weather as normal travelers do. With that said, glimpsers were still supportive towards one another by the constant check ups and care; Global Glimpse Leaders such as Dan and Karen played a major role in soothing those in need.

Despite the sluggish day, we enjoyed spending hours with ourselves exploring the beautiful town of Constanza. From souvenir shops, to the main plaza, to weaving ourselves into the Dominican trends, the group had a wonderful time getting to know each other in the cobbled streets. Additionally, our new local friends, Francis and Sujelis, assisted us when we wanted to communicate with the vendors and community members in Constanza.

For those who were unable to leave the hotel due to sickness, they collectively created their own entertainment. By building card houses in the dining room and migrating towards the Leadership Corner, the group attempted a thousand-piece puzzle–which was, to say the least, utterly impossible.

Later in the day, we returned to the puddled streets in order to visit Felipe Soriano Bello, our local school to teach English. This time, we anticipated to teach some students and impact the community with our knowledge. Interacting with the locals is one of the most satisfying, fulfilling experiences of the trip. The joy you receive from helping them out is incredible, as you see how humble and genuinely passionate they are. In spite of the slow beginnings we had, we were able to push through the difficult obstacles and brighten up the clouds that slowed us down.