Hola familias! Our names are Sofia Botero and Rey Turner and hoy we were Los Líderes del Día!

Today we had our first free day of the trip where we were able to leave the hotel and walk explore the town… and restock our chuchería supply. By being able to leave the hotel in smaller groups, we had our first opportunity to be more independent in Constanza.

The traffic scene here is much scarier when we don’t have locals holding the motorcycles for us. Today we used maps to navigate through the town and collaborated to decided what stops we would take during our explore time.

Today during English tutoring, a girl in our class asked if I was planning on going to college after high school. I told her yes, and asked what her plan was. She told me she wanted to finish school and be educated enough to have a career, and I found that very inspiring.

Being LDD was a super good experience because we were able to exercise our leadership skills which we have been observing in action with prior LDDs and the GGLs.

Looking forward to our second week here and learning more about Dominican culture!

Rey & Sofia <3

Photo: Washing laundry by hand to save some pesos.