Today, we had our first free day, in which we were allowed a lot of free time to explore Jarabacoa with our student ambassadors who live here in the Dominican Republic. We had a very relaxed morning, as we didn’t have a set wakeup time because we mainly had exploring time. Though we split up, we all experienced many new things while having a great time and remained safe. Many people utilized this day to buy Dominican snacks or to purchase souvenirs and new clothes.

In addition, we stopped at a toy store, where we got many new games that have only strengthened our bond as a group.

We used this day to really explore the Dominican culture in terms of the environment, food, and music. Being that the majority of today was exploring, we didn’t meet anybody new, but we will be leaving today with an inspiration from the immense amount of culture that we experienced.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you look forward to reading tomorrow’s blog.