Today was our first free day. Everybody was able to wake up at their own time and take their time with their breakfasts. Some people did laundry, made phone calls home, and bonded with everybody. Everybody had free time for a couple of hours in which they played cards, played games, and decided what they wanted to do for the day. As we got ready, everybody got split into two groups in which they both did different activities. One group got their nails done, shopped for souvenirs, and everybody met up at the end and we had empanadas and shopped for snacks at a grocery store, which is what everyone wanted to do the whole trip!

Even though not everybody did what they wanted to do or people dreaded the unexpected storm today, we still found the sun in the cloudy day by bonding and building closer relationships with one another. Although we enjoyed shopping, while not looking at price tags, we still maintained conscious that what seemed super cheap to us is expensive to others such as the locals who live in Constanza.

Once we arrived back to our home at 6:30, we had about half an hour of free time to change into comfortable clothing and hang out and play a couple of card games. At 7 p.m we had dinner: we ate spaghetti with bread and a side of salad. Later at 8, we had our daily nightly meeting in which we all discuss our day and talk about what we saw and or learned about our day. In the end Terry is a bully but ily cousin.