Today I was Leader of the Day by myself which was a little less scary than I thought but still very scary. The main two parts of our day was taking a tour of a sugar cane company and then talking to some members of the group Plataforma Vida who fight for workers rights. We did this to learn both sides of the story and to form our own opinion. Everyone learned a lot about the situation since we don’t hear about it a lot in the news but being able to learn about it from people who have experienced it helped open our eyes more than before.

We met Pablo Garcia who gave us a tour of the sugar cane plantation for the sugar company Cara Linda where they told us about the plants, different projects that they do for the community, and living conditions of the Haitian workers that come there for six months. After that, we went to meet people a part of the group Plataforma Vida who told us there side of the story and how they were mistreated while working there. Then we walked around Bates 6 and got to talk to some of the workers there and their experiences at the company.

I learned that there is always more than one side to a story and you have to get more than one point of view to form your own opinion about a situation. If we had only heard one side of the story, we might have believed  it without knowing the whole truth.