Today was our first free day. Although we had a buffet breakfast and our wake up call was suggested, everyone seemed to wake up around 8 to be ready for our calls home. After this rigorous schedule that we have been following the first few days we all needed some down time. In the morning we called our parents, rested and then finished our CAP posters that we will present on Saturday to the community. We then had lunch and FINALLY our explore time. We all split up into groups of four or more and we walked around the city with the ambassadors. Some people went and got ice cream, pizza, souvenirs and SNACKS. We only had a few hours to explore today because we needed to tutor. And since we had an hour to prepare a lesson today a lot of groups had a much better and less stressful time while teaching.

Due to the lack of schedule, my day as leader was very relaxed and there wasn’t much for me to do. I would say that I do have natural leadership skills so if I was asked a question I would be helpful and energetic the whole time. In my opinion I LOVED being the leader of the day and if I could I would ask to do it again. Everyone is becoming so close and I really feel like a family now. Even now I’m finding it difficult to pay attention because everyone is laughing and joking upstairs and I want to go join them. Soooo byeeeee

With much love and laughs, J