Hi everybody!  🙂


Today was our first free day (8/5). Everybody went out in groups of 4 or more for safety.  Most of the girls got their nails done (they all look so cute). I decided not to get my nails done but only because I wanted to spend my money on food!  Today I went out with some of my new favorite people; we have become so close ever since our third day here in the DR. While we were out today, we went souvenir shopping, and saw some amazing blue rocks made into jewelry that we bought.  We mainly went to buy souvenirs for our loved ones back home. (If my parents are seeing this, Los extrano). We also went to buy helado (ice cream) – if anyone reading this travels to Jarabacoa, I highly recommend the amazing ice cream. A group of guys went in a separate group to a bakery, and they said the people working there were so AMAZING.  I find this really to believe because at the souvenir shop, the owner and I had a long and wonderful conversation. Everyone here is so nice! I don’t want to make this any longer but there is a lot more than what I’ve already said. The Dominican Republic is a beautiful place! Until next time!