Hey, it’s Lauren and Maya. Welcome back to our blog! We know you’ve been waiting to hear about Free Day #1! We got to sleep in and have a more relaxed and American breakfast that included fruit, cereal, and yogurt. Although there were some minor setbacks, we started our first outing on our own (with a Global Glimpse Leader of course) to the supermarket and ice cream shop. We learned that everything in the Dominican Republic is so much cheaper than at home. It’s great! Three large scoops of ice cream is only two dollars! We bought snacks, indulged in the yummy treats and then headed back. During lunch we ate some bomb arroz con pollo (chicken and rice). We even used cups to save some of it for an afternoon snack. After refueling, we split into two groups. One to go search for the internet café, and the other the other to go buy souvenirs. Unfortunately the internet café was closed, but some of us found some clothes to buy. Little did I (Maya) know, the other group was buying me a cake, but I (Lauren) was actually in on it all along. During our free time we started to notice clouds in the sky when suddenly shine turned into drizzle and drizzle turned into rainfall. We all came back to the hostel drenched. Good thing we got back before it started to pour. Soon after, we freshened up to get ready for English tutoring evaluations. Coming into the school, we saw first-hand the conditions of the classrooms. They were run down and empty, showing us that we had nothing to complain about. However, the second students started coming in, we could see how eager they were to learn even though they had much less than us. The evaluations were pretty slow since there was rain, but our delegation made the most of it. We played games with the youth ambassadors and bonded with each other. On the way back from the school, it started raining again! Luckily, we were prepared this time with umbrellas and ponchos. After a quick break, we met upstairs to get ready for dinner. During that time, we had a lot of laughs and answered some of Francis’ riddles. To our surprise, we had pizza and soda for dinner! We were all so excited and it felt like home. Usually after dinner, we have our nightly meetings, but today, we had a little surprise party for Maya and Francis’ birthday. We took a lot of pictures of all of us having fun and even caked Maya and Francis’ face as an American tradition. We wrapped up the day in the nightly meeting, passed on the torch to the next leaders of the day, and got ready for bed. Although we are super tired, today was definitely a day we won’t forget. Thanks for reading! Like and subscribe!
– Maya and Lauren

Maya: To Seren and Eli, my siblings, I miss you guys! I hope you aren’t driving Mom and Dad too crazy and you’re realizing how much you need me. To Mom and Dad, thank you for always supporting me and I’ll see all of you soon. Thank you to everyone for all my birthday wishes! I love you guys! #geminigang

Lauren: Mom and Dad, I know you miss having your favorite child in the house. Matthew, good luck replacing me, because you can’t. Just kidding, I love you! Jace, I guess I miss you. See you all soon!