Everyone was in need for a day to relax and today was definitely the day. This morning finally gave us all the chance to sleep in. Breakfast was served at 9am, and from then on, most of us were given the privilege to explore/hang around the beautiful city of Esteli. And the others made the best of their experience by still having fun playing games/bonding with one another in the hostel. Although I was ‘El Lider Del Dia’ on Free Day, I was surprised to realize how challenging it still was. Having such a significant role for an entire day took a lot more responsibility than I expected. I wanted to make sure that the schedule planned for the day would run along smoothly, but I’ve learned today that it takes more than just reminders, but more so assertiveness in order to get what you want. Overall, I was glad to experience being leader of the day. I’ve noticed so much in myself in terms of learning some of my strengths and weaknesses as a person. It was both enjoyable and rewarding.